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Lindapter flange clamps


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Hi All,


Whilst I was at Plasa last week I picked up an Doughty 'Little Blue Book' because it looked like it had some pretty useful information in there, which it does!


Today whilst on the train to London I took a few of those 'oha this looks useful' bits n bobs with me to read. I came across what is called a 'Lindapter flange clamp', I have seen these being used to hold small items to girders such as birdies however in the data section it states that the SWL is 300kg. The reason this confuses me is that it looks very 'wimpy' to be holding such a weight, it also looks like it is possible for the clamp to slip off, if it is knocked. 




Has anyone had any experience with these and large loads? I am just a little interested.









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I have a feeling we are talking about different clamps here, I think the one you are talking about is the 'gravlock coupler' which attaches straight onto a 48mm tube. The tiny one I am talking about uses M12 studding.





edit: didnt proof read

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Whenever I've used these in the past, and I've used loads, if it has been anything more than a single fitting or lightwieght lamp, I have used them in multiples. As it says on their site, they are mainly used in conjunction with threaded bar hung from RSJ's at regular intervals and then they (the bars) in turn are supporting some other structure bolted on the end.


I would have thought that the 300Kg rating would be spread over at least 6 of these fittings. I certainly wouldn't like to dangle 300Kg off one!


Again, like a lot of things, I think the use of these things require experience and a good bit of common.


E to A. Shouldn't this be in rigging?

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In our experience (and I've used these in conjuction with doughty universal clamps for putting in bars running under rsj's) you should always use them in pairs except in very lightweight uses. They are normally used as part of a girder clamp where you have a channel that runs underneath the rsj which then takes the fitting (light, tracking etc) They are really useful little bits of kit. We have them all over the Flints building to hold various things. And if done up correctly then it would be very hard to shift them off a girder, you can use them similar to gravlocks though with the addition of the universal clamp.


Richard from Flints.




your probably right!
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