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Job Seeking-where do I look???

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Hello everyone,

I have just moved back to the UK after 12 years living abroad in Japan and Canada.

For the last few years I have been Stage Managing (ASM, DSM, and SM) for Equity and non Equity produtions.

I have also been an equity apprentice for stage managing.

I do not have Equity status.

I am not looking to go back to school for more training!


If anyone has any suggestions about where to look for positions, paid prererably, but I might consider an apprectice position to gain more relevant UK experience, it would be most appreciated. I am located in Birmingham. Cheers.

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welcome back to the UK!


You may be lucky enough to find a job here but I wouldn't hold out too many hopes at the moment!

After being in this industry for virtually the whole of my working life, I was made redundant last July from my position as Technical Director for an Events company, I am still trying to find another position and I know many others from the industry who are in a similar position!

The employment situation here at the moment is pretty dire although there have been signs that business is picking up in some areas, employers are still not confident enough to make the commitment to take on fully employed staff!


Good luck!

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