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1u Seamless Switcher Options

James Remo

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Hello chaps,

Being a lampy of moderate intelligence I was after some advice on my options when purchasing a 1u seamless switcher. I'm looking for about 8 flexible inputs (is that what they call universal inputs?) and should only need one mix bus, though two would be handy if it arrives in an easy to use form and within a 1u package.

The ability to key would be handy, a frame store would be handy, pip would be handy but not a deal breaker, an SDI input and output would be good, but the most important thing is seamless switching between multiple computer and video inputs. Audio switching is not required.

I'm familiar with the Analog Way Octo range, but was looking for recommendations on other makes and models.

I've been looking at TvOne's C2-3300 Series (looks good, will organise a play with one), Folsom Presentation pro (seems a bit basic but a 1u package), I can't find an extron unit that fits the 1u brief, the Kramer offerings I can find all appear to be fade through black.

Oh, budget is fairly tight at about £2.5k plus vat, second hand but good condition is acceptable, a bit more for more features, less for less etc, I'm really just exploring options. We currently hire an Analog Way Octo - something, the exact model escapes me (and often changes as we use more than one supplier) and are in no rush to spend the cash. Inputs are from various media servers (usually vga inputs), VJ's (usually video inputs), Camera mix inputs (SD-SDI or component) and change regularly enough to need universal inputs. Outputs have traditionally been 1024x768 on vga, our projectors do have SD-SDI inputs, but we would still need a vga output for plasmas / smaller projectors.

I've had a search on here and round the web, any other offerings I've missed?

Thanks in advance


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Before you get too excited I am afraid I don't have any useful advice for your actual question to offer but reading your post I was struck by how different it was from so many posts we seem to be getting on blue room recently.


You have clearly done your research, looked at a number of options, admitted your limitations and asked a sensible question to see if there are other options. I hope this reply does not come across as patronising because it is most certainly not intended to be. It is more to say how wonderful it is to see some sensible technical questions as opposed to the "what moving light should I get for my school with no budget" type questions that seem to have become more and more common over the last few months. It was also easy to read with those boring punctuation type things!!! In my humble opinion this is going back more to the original style of the blue room and what it was originally set up for.


Sorry I can't be more helpful in terms of your actual question but it is not my area of expertise. I am sure one of the experienced video people will be along shortly

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TVone would probably be my choice - best price to features ratio, great tech support (UK company) and reliable products (well the ones I own are)

I'd try and push the budget to one of the dual channel units such as the C2-7200 as it gives much more flexibility with the in/out options allowing you to send different formats and cope with basic routing tasks (eg VJ to projectors, ident loop dvd to plasmas etc) It can be upgraded with an external control interface with a TBar which gives you an affordable multiformat production switcher.


Other than that the analogway units are popular with hire companies - personally I dislike their interface but others seem happy enough with them

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Does it have to be 1U? This will certainly limit your choice.


We use quite a bit of Kramer kit and whilst most of it is fade through black, they do one model (VP-727) which is completely seamless and very flexible. But it's 3U...

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Thanks for the PM's I've received with offers of trials, prices etc. It looks like I can get quite a comprehensive feature set for my money. I'm currently looking at the TV One C2-5200 if my budget can stretch to it, but would still be interested in any other makes that have a similar feature set.

Fortunately we work internationally, unfortunately we work internationally. On foreign gigs we usually sub kit in locally (projectors, plasmas etc), and just take our source kit, and a hired switcher. This is one of the reasons we need flexibility, e.g. the projectors, we were promised had SDI cards, turn out to be RGBHV only etc. The whole switcher rack must fit into a hand luggage sized case, (switcher plus DA's) and as such must be as small as possible. Our experience of hiring switchers abroad has been pretty dire, which is why we take one with us.

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