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TBone mic MB78

Kevin Ross

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Morning Blueroom,




After having 2 of my vocal mics die on me (dropped in a cave) and one of my beta 57s getting stolen I have decided it is time to go mic shopping. I was having a browse through our German friends and came across this little gem.







I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these mics. They look too good to be true and I have read a few good things about other T-Bone mics on the sound on sound forum. I’m thinking of just taking a punt and getting 2 of them, even if they are not very good they could find a use somewhere.

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I had a couple of those and they are quite acceptable - I didn't find them particularly hyper-cardioid though. They are a bit bright, sound wise, and feel a bit odd in the hand - they're quite light. I swapped them in the end. The t-bone version of the beta 58 is quite nice sounding mb85 at around the same price.
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