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New Vectorworks Plug-In

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Greetings from Landru Design!


Exciting things are going on here!


First, VIDEOSCREEN 4 IS NOW AVAILABLE! Significant changes have been made in all of the tools in THE Plug-In suite that allows users to insert dynamic models of video devices, like projection screens, plasma televisions, and low-resolution LED arrays into their drawings.


The biggest changes include...:


- Custom images and models are now MUCH easier to add and use.


- Users have a LOT more control over text settings - including things like visibility, color, size, and alignment - all now independently changeable for each text element.


- For projection screens, users can now specify a screen size and the projection distance and let the tools suggest a lens, in addition to the previous projector placement method. In some models, projectors can even be dragged to new locations and the tool will report back projection distances and suggested lenses.


- VS4-LED (formerly, VSx-LED) is now part of VideoScreen 4Plus. In addition to the features many have come to appreciate, VS4-LED now creates domes and capped tiles and disks.


- And, many more...


Second, versions of the VideoScreen tools are part of the currently shipping version of Spotlight 2010. These tools are the result of several months of our working closely with Nemetschek in an effort to bring high quality, stable, and productive video tools into Spotlight. Our partnership was a logical and efficient way to combine resources to raise the quality level of an already solid set of tools, making them more unified, more powerful, and even easier to use. We are all incredibly pleased with the results of this joint effort.


Landru Design will continue to develop, sell, and support the VideoScreen tools alongside those included in Spotlight. Though the Spotlight tools represent a bulk of the new features and the core functionality that has so boosted many users' productivity over the years, additional features in Landru Design's VideoScreen 4 provide even more value, giving you great reasons to upgrade and continue using our tools.


For more details about the tools, their new features, and the differences between the different versions, see http://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm .


Finally, for those of you who own a license to one or more of our plug-ins and who did not receive our announcement e-mail similar to this one or one with SoftGoods and StageLift update information, would you let me know? More than a handful of the messages bounced.


Thank you!

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