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PS R2 Series Information Online


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Dunno if anyone is interested, but Nexo have put the new PS10 R2 and PS15 R2 stuff on their website, along with datasheets etc. The PS8 has had a slightly new grill but apart from that remains untouched.


As for the PS10 and PS15, boy are they looking good now! PS10R2 puts out 132dB SPL and can be run by 1250W! For a PS10! The new LS600 sub looks good as well, 138dB Peak with a suggested input of between 1000W-2000W! From a single 15" sub! Jeeeeesus!


The PS15R2 is a 134dB monster now wanting 2000W put into it, along with it's (old) matching sub the RS-15 sub, which is unfortunatly only 139dB peak, might as well go for the LS600!


Exciting stuff! Looking forward to hearing it at PLASA!

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