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Nick LX

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Hi all,

Was just wondering at a list price how much this stuff costs to hire?





Such a simple question --- but sadly it only leads to more questions...


Firstly how much, How Long for, for what market is it proposed to use it?


what control is required, Dx700 or D320? Fiberlink, flying frames? Creative or Basic screen design.


And then the big one ..... how much have you in the budget..... No body ever quotes list ....its always a deal...


then who is going to install/operate system? ----Do they have a Degree in Barco Director Software.


Realistcallly you only have a few choices to hire Mitrix in Europe.


VER in Amsterdam and London


Essential Lighting (PRG) in London




XL Video and CT offer full service packages


Also have you considered the alternatives?


Stealth from Element Labs --- Normally cheaper and easier to use...


PM me if you need further information --- all the names above will be at Plasa ---


hope this helps :huh: :)


Ian Henderson.


Extream Pixel Engineer

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If you're coming to plasa come and have a chat with us at the PRG stand - while we are distribution, not rental, we can point you in the direction of someone from essestial. We are also demo'ing quite a bit of MiStrip by Barco as well as a little bit of Mitrix.


If you're not coming to plasa... then Essential lighting is your best bet.

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