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AVD, MIDI Buttons

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MIDI Buttons is an on-screen configurable bank of buttons to control MIDI devices written by Audio Visual Devices


Product page: http://www.audiovisualdevices.com.au/softw...midibuttons.php


Announcement supplied by: David Duffy

Software release:

Release date: 07/02/2010


New Features:

  • Icon chooser in button properties
  • Selectable button modes: Press, Press/Release and Toggle Action

Full details of changes: from http://www.audiovisualdevices.com.au/softw...ase%20notes.pdf


Previous Releases


Announcement supplied by: David Duffy

Software release:

Release date: 18/04/2009



  • User specified number of button rows and columns
  • Up to 4 different MIDI ports per application instance
  • Window title and each button can be named
  • Buttons and button text can be individually coloured
  • Button text font and size can be (globally) set
  • Buttons auto re-size with panel
  • Options to disable position, size & button changes
  • All settings saved to an ini file
  • Alternate ini files can be loaded as a command line parameter
  • No installation required - ready to run

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