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BEIRG Response to Ofcom Funding Consultation


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BEIRG has published its response to OFCOM's consultation on funding of PMSE equipment that will be displaced from its current frequency bands. You can download a copy from the BEIRG website: www.beirg.org.uk ( http://www.beirg.org.uk/news.php )


We strongly urge all users of equipment that will be rendered redundant as a result of the PMSE industry being evicted from the 800MHz band, to respond to this consultation. Please use our response to help you and please contact us if you need any further information. Best regards BEIRG Steering Group


...and although the deadline for responses is today (11/9/09) :rolleyes: if you send an email to john.canavan@ofcom.org.uk expressing your intention to respond to the consultation and requesting an extension to the deadline then another 14 days (from 11/9/09) should be made available to you. :** laughs out loud **:

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