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USB to DMX (via MIDI)


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I have been searching the forums and the internet to find a suitable solution and thought it would be best to just ask. I am looking for a USB to DMX interface - of this there are many and the ENTECC USB PRO interface seems like a well priced and well received solution. What I am stuck on is finding a software that will allow me to control it through a MIDI interface. I have looked at the Chameleon software but it only supports one type of Midi interface (The Behringer BCF2000). I am preparing for a show which uses a combination of multiple projectors and a range of lighting fixtures (mainly LED strips) it is important that the light changes that happen in the projections (running from Modul8 OSX) are mirrored in the lighting fixtures so that the whole show is visually synched up. What I would like to do is to map one midi interface like the Akai MPD24 to control both the visual content and the lighting.

Has anyone had much luck with this? or any experience with regards to its feasibility?

thank you for your time

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A generic USB based MIDI controller like the Akai thing can be used to send MIDI commands "into" the PC, and most PC based lighting controllers should be able to be controlled directly using MIDI commands, though some can't as they require that MIDI comes via an external dedicated box.


Definites on the list that can do this include PCStage (being a PCStage fanboi you'd expect me to say that!), ShowMagic and I think Light Factory accepts in-PC MIDI as well. Both PCStage and ShowMagic will do media playback directly (ShowMagic up to many channels thereof) and thus you may be able to pop your mac into the nearest bin :g:


You may need MIDI-ox to do your MIDI routing.

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thanks for your replies

savage1: if you could post some more details about their setup - I would really appreciate it.

dbuckley: all those solutions do support MIDI but as far as I could tell all work on the PC, since my visual content is being triggered through a mac based software I am looking to find something that works with the OS X operating system.

I have also come across this today:



anyone tried one of these?

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Hi Dave


thanks for your reply - the software seems a perfect solution for what we need. Just ordered it - hopefully it will get here in time - the show is on the 26th but the software seems pretty easy to get to grips with and the integration with Logic was the real deal sealer for me.

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