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Film lighting hire in Scotland - URGENT


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Am in need of some urgent help from you guys. I have a foreign film crew and cast arriving to film an entire episode of their biggest serial drama in just over a week. We are providing all power, grip and lighting. I had a bunch of gear booked and arranged with one of the large UK Film& TV rental houses, who are now not responding to any of my calls or e-mails and I am getting nervous.


Does anyone know of any hire companies in Scotland who might be able to help me out with this. I am specifically looking for additional 2' and 4' Kinos, 4k and 575 HMI's and grip gear (flags, nets, frames etc). I have a call in with Panaulx in Glasgow and am hoping to get a reply from them tomorrow, but despite the wonders of the www, have not come up with any others who might be able to supply everything I need.


Any help greatly appreciated as the plane full of Norwegians arrives in 9 days!!!



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