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8-12k Lumens DLP SXGA+/HD Projectors


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Hi all,


We're looking into purchasing a Full HD (ideally!!) DLP projector to cover a series of live HD broadcasts in our theatre over the coming year. We're looking at a screen of up to about 32' wide, but we may end settling for in or around 28'/30' width. To achieve this I am reckoning on at least an 8000 Lumen machine but realistically 10k may be required and obviously we'd like to get as bright as possible.


As I've indicated above, Full HD (1920x1080) would be great but I think greater brightness may be of more use in the long term for other events/applications where ambient light would be more of an issue and resolution less so. To this end, I think we may settle for displaying these broadcasts in 1280x720 with an SXGA+ projector.


We are now looking at a few particular models of projector, so any advice that any one could offer would be great. These models are as follows:


1. Barco CLM HD8

2. Barco SLM R12+

3. Christie DS+8K

4. Christie DS+10K-M

5. Christie HD10k-M


Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.



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To be honest you can't go wrong with any of these.


The Christies are very good and very bright with easy setup and include Twist cards on the M series. I can rate them as full HD in the case of the 1920 panelled M series 10k as have used them in a variety ofd situations from single screen to widescreen soft edged gigs. The Barco SLM R12's are also very good projectors. All the projectors you mention are easy to sub hire should you require extras.

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