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Safe rigging of vertical truss.


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I have trawled through the archives and have found that peoples opinions are different regarding the safe use of vertical truss and different ways of making sure that it is safe.


In my situation I am looking at using a 4m upright of Litec QX30S truss, with D Rig boom arms places equally each side with about 8 source 4 lanterns on the truss upright. I would be looking at using a HD 600x600mm base plate. My idea is to place the truss up against a concrete church pillar and secure the truss to the pillar.


My question is... What is the safest way to have the truss attached to the pillar to secure it from moving. I have seen a few threads in the archives about vertical truss and different opinions on using rated ratchet straps and other fastening techniques. Is there an preferred industry technique.


I have asked various rigging companies if my idea would work and thought I would get some ideas on here too whilst I wait for their replies


Thank you



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My Personal opinion which I'm not presenting as fact is:


your method seems sound. I'd probably suggest some ballast at the bottom (4 stage weights or something) and some sort of spacer block to go between the pillar and truss upright so that tightening the ratchet strap does not excessively pull the truss over towards the pillar. I'd also suggest some carpet wrapped around the pillar to protect against any damage.


Ultimately if your truss is perfectly balanced the ractchet straps are only there to prevent any initial movement/forces which will probably be very low.


I'm assuming the pillar is structural?


Of course climbing up the truss to focus is a No No but other than that I can't see any reason why that wouldn't work.

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I'd go for ratchet straps assuming the pillar is straight in profile and doesn't bulge in the middle or taper. Make sure you protect the stone work of the pillar from the straps though, a lot of old architectural stone is extremely sensitive to wear and is quite 'soft', a few sections of pipe lagging over the truss where it touches the pillar would help too.

Providing your truss is reasonably balanced in it's rigging I can't see a problem with this set-up (assuming of course that the ratchet straps are a good quality)

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