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CCT 2K glass slide projector


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I inherited a 2K (CP43) CCT slide lantern (it takes 4" glass slides) which was in pretty poor cosmetic condition. It was given to me with the carrier and lens unit un-attached but with four 2" allen skt. csk. headed bolts located in tapped holes in the lamp house. These line up with four holes in the carrier but I believe there must be something missing since there is nothing to prevent the (v.large) lens assy. falling out of the lamphouse. Having completely stripped and rebuilt the lamphouse and slide carrier the lantern is in excellent mechanical condition, the mirror and reflector are like new. Has anyone come across this lantern before and if so, how does the carrier attach? Incidentally, the serial no. is 2!


(I've googled away, but can't find any reference to this lantern.)

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