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Fall Arrest course


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Hi all,


Just want some advice and thoughts from everyone...


I'm currently looking at doing a safety course on Fall Arrest, believe it or not, while I'm on holiday...

The course encompasses:

Current Legislation

Loads upon the body in fall

How to view a site with doing a mental Risk Assesment

Understanding how to check the equipment

The Working of Fall Arrestors

A written Test


And because I know the guy running the course it will only cost me £125 instead of £500 or so.


So, to give a bit of background, I'm still a student about to enter my third year studying Production Lighting. Although I'm at Drama School my real passion and what I really want to go into (and do a fair amount of work in already) is the live music and festival side of the idustry,


I guess what I'm asking is do people think this is a worthwhile course and do you think this is good value for money (which it seems to me!)





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