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Yamaha EDITOR or CONSOLE file?


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Whats the differnce between a EDITOR file and a CONSOLE file? do they work differently?


When I save a gig on an M7 & LS9 console the USB key saves a console file.. e.g. xxxx.L9A or xxxx.M7C file. which I can bring into the editor.


When I create a preset in the editor it saves a .YSE file.


whats the difference?



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Well, when I did my PM5D course, it was explained as follows:


The PM5D (or L9A or M7C I assume) file format can be opened by either the computer or console. The YSE (or YSM) can only be directly opened by your computer and has to be transferred into the console to be opened. What the YSM/YSE file has additionally is bits to make your session on the computer easier, such as remembering the screen layout of Windows next time you open the session again. On the bigger consoles a single YSM file can contain details of ancillery gear that can also be programmed in Studio Manager--but these have to be transferred to two separate files to load into the relevant gear.


On the PM5D version at least, although the computer default is a .YSM file, you should also be able to use the "Save As" option to save as a .PM5D file if you want.


As I say, this is for the PM5D but I believe the LS9 version works in a similar way. However, to date all my LS9 uses have been "walk up" jobs so I've never had a chance to play with the computer editor properly.



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