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DMX Gremlins?


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Hi All.


I've just had a user on the phone with what I think is a DMX issue that I could use a few pointers on.


They're using a DMX Betapack1 that's being operated by a Strand 200 and there have been no problems with the kit until today.


Normally, the pack hads been powered up before the desk and there have been no issues, but tonight for some reason, the desk was powered up first.


When the pack was fired up, and all the channels came up full even though all the faders on the desk + the grand master were set to zero.


After shutting down everything and reverting to "normal switch on order" everything is OK.


Anyone shed any light on what may be happening?


I should point out that the pack is one of a pair, is operating Ch.7 to 12 and the DMX line runs into this pack first.


The other pack is giving no issues.


All input greatfully accepted.

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