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Stolen Mics


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Hello All,

I have had some of my gear stolen, I'm doubtful I will ever see the items again, But it's worth a go:


I have had 3 shotgun mics (AKG CK98 two with Popshields) stolen from Leatherhead theatre. I have also had 2 AKG Boundary mics stolen (Not sure of the make as they were extras hired in) As well as the above I have also had an SM57 stolen from the same venue. We were there last week (17th-22nd - 09 - 2009) I believe that the items may have been taken in two separate visits.


If any one gets any offers of anything that sounds like the above in the Leatherhead area could they please let me know.

If you are touring into this venue then please make security a big priority!




Andy Jones

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