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Monitor Choice - Between 12" and 15" Woofer.


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You may have heard that the 12 is better for vocals as the smaller driver responds quicker than a 15.


That is indeed true.

It all depends on your application though.


If you have 2 wedges for a whole band, the 15'S may prevail.


There are a lot more factors than, "which is best?"


General advice on amp would be twice the wrms than the box.

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As a general rule, the box with the 12" will have better midrange response off axis. Listen and see whether this is the case with the models you are considering.


Unless you need a lot of bass or kick in the mix (live or from tracks), there should be no benefit to the 15" box. In this case, with either box, it may be wise to use a high pass of 100Hz or even 160Hz (experiment - when your voice no longer has that impressive "big & chesty" tone, you have it right).

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Before you go down the passive route have you tried the RCF TT25 SMA this is a 15" wedge but has a very small footprint and low profile like a 12", they have 750watt of digital amp built in and are just amazing, we have 16 of them and they really do rock. Clear vocals with plenty of everything else all around, we where looking at some EAW & L'acoustic wedges but see these and got a demo and were blown away with how good they are.


I know its just my thought but you should try other products just so you get more of an idea of whats around, I am sure you could get a demo out of a RCF TT dealer or RCF themselves.



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