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I’in need of a PA company in the southern area (Lndon) and Midlands area to provide PA hire for gigs we have.


(I’ve got the North and Scotland covered)


I've put our channel list below to give you an idea of what we need

The microphones listed don't have to be exact but similar.


Kick Shure 91

Snare Beta 57a

Hi hats SM81

Rack 1 Beta 98ds

Rack 2 Beta 98ds

Timbali Beta 98ds

Over head

Dholak hi beta 57a

Dholak low beta 58 a

Tabla beta 57a

Dhol xlr (female)

Bass di

Guitar mic or di

Keys 1 di

Keys 2 di

Keys 3 di

Bvs 1/dholak beta 58/87 a

Bvs 2/keys beta 58/87 a

Bvs 3 beta 58/87 a

Lead vox beta 58/87 a



PA: front of house requirments:





5-6k FOH rig

preffered/or similar – Soundcraft desks 32-8-2 (no digital)






digital delay

2 x multi effects processor ie lexicon pmc70 or yamaha spx 990

2 quad gates and 2 x dual commressors

7 monitors with a 4 way mix.

Ive tried to supply the relative information needed to provide me a quote for, if you require further details please feel free to email me at singhhardip@rocketmail.com


the current date in question is 31st august in london area, but I have many other later dates which I will require pa hire for.





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