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Calrec CM 1050 question


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I was wondering if anyone could help me..


I have a faulty Calrec CM 1050 (no 524) and need to take it apart, but I'm kinda stumped!


It's the silver kind (searching online seems to indicate there are black models as well?), everything I've read tells me to unscrew 3 little screws around the bass of the mic.. but there simply aren't any screws! It looks like there is a ring around the bottom of the mic that could screw off, I've tried to do this but haven't had any luck. I may just need to apply more force but I'm worried I may damage something!


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks very much for your time!



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Most if not all of of Calrec's stick microphones were held together by glue rather than screws! You have to clamp the base of the microphone in a vice (preferably using a set of round jaws to grip it evenly round its circumference), and break the body of the mic away. Sometimes the glue bond breaks easily, but I know people who have damaged the brass body of the microphone during the process.


I believe that the silver mics were earlier than the black ones.


Although Calrec mics are no longer manufactured they still have quite a following. I know that Ashley Styles of Saturn Sound (http://www.saturn-sound.com/) is able to service and repair them, as is Hebden Sound (http://www.hebdensoundgroup.co.uk/).


Hebden Sound acquired the right to continue making Calrec mics, and now produces a range of highly acclaimed stick mics which are based on the Calrec 2000 series (the Calrec 2050 being a version of the 1050 which had interchangeable capsules). Unfortunately the Hebden Sound capsules use a different screw thread to the Calrec version, so they are not interchangeable.


This page (http://www.saturn-sound.com/curio%27s/calrec,_some_old_favourites.htm) on the Saturn Sound web site provides some fascinating information about Calrec mics.

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