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New PA Install, your options please!

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Hello Guys n' Girls


I've got a few questions for you!!!


I know this is going to be a pretty broad subject but I'm after a few different angles.


Right, I've been asked to spec a new FOH rig for a 2000 capacity venue, hosting live bands production shows etc.

I'll give you a rough visualization of the venue. The room is approx 70-75 metre long and 40 metre wide, by about 20 metres high. The stage is a black box set back central along the 40 metre wall. Acoustically the room is pretty sound, no major reverb issues or slapping to deal with.


The existing rig is passive CA Audio Amped JBL with x2 under stage TCB Subs, x4 18inch Low Mids running down the side of the stage walls, x4 flown tops 2 each side. Also there's 4 Delays flown towards the rear if the room. As for power of the system I'm not 100% rumour has it, its about 20k!


Any suggestions are welcome guys. I know its a bit like asking what studio monitors to buy but I'm open to any ideas. Line Arrays, Stacks, anything goes. Although I want passive not active!


Cheers peeps


PS, I am a fan of Turbosound and Nexo! :D


PPS, Don't bother if your going to suggest peavey or skytec!! :D

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Question.....What kind of Budget?


Ello Mate,


I,ve got to get 3 or 4 quotes. We spent about 30k on the 7 stage wedges, Turbosound TFM 450's, a couple of powered side fills TQ-445DP Plus Amps and controllers.


So its not a tight budget but I've still got to convince the bosses!!


Lets just say, the sky is not quiet the limit!

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If I where you I'd call a Nexo dealer (say sse) and a Turbosound dealer, and maybe a dealer for one other brand and ask what they'd suggest. It sounds like a large enough install that they'd be happy to do a spec and a demo for you. Are you sure you have the right dimensions for the room though? That's not much gear for the size stated, and if it's a holiday park or similar (which is what it sounds like) I'd be very surprised if the ceiling is actually 20m high. Any idea what it can support?


If I was speccing the system I'd want arrays left and right to cover much of the room, with in and out fills to cover the first few meters of the room. Unless there are obstacles overhead you should be able to get away without delays if you have the right system. Geo s12 or Aspect could do the job. Given that you are unlikely to have rider issues it all comes down to personal taste and of course cost.

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