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PA Cabinet Dimensions


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If you visit the many speaker cabinet sites on the web, you'll get plans, or just the maths to calculate cabinet size - however, if you reduce the cabinet internal volume, then the characteristics of the sound will suffer greatly. In general, though, the bass content will become weaker, and the frequency response will have some odd troughs and peaks in it. If you reduce the size to the minimum, then even a ported design will be tricky, as the port size will require a physical space. The voice of theatre range have been around for a long time, but remember they were designed to couple into large exponential or scoop style boxes. It's only a guess, but I'd reckon they will sound pretty grim in small boxes.


Have a look at diyaudio.com There is often chat on these speakers there, as for some reason, they have a bit of a cult status with people who build them into HUGE boxes, feed just a little power to them, and get lots of volume - something your small box idea is the opposite of.

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