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which of thse 2 lav mics is better


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We need a wired lav mic with XLR connector. These 2 seem to meet our budget but which is better?


Shure SM11 or AKG C417 PP?



The AKG is a condenser and therefore it needs phantom power.

The Shure is a dynamic mic so it does not need phantom power - quite unusual in lavalier mics these days.


Sorry, I don't have any experience of using either though, so if the above isn't relevant to your decision....hopefully someone else will be along with some first hand knowledge of the beasts in question shortly....

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Sorry - can't compare to the SM11, but our C417 sounds cold and seems rather delicate. Not sure how much of that is to do with the age of the unit and the type of person who deploys it!


EDIT - removal of superfluous "wooly" comment!

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