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Will the ISA listing replace the CRB check or supliment it?


CRB failure indicates that the courts have found against you in a trial, what is to stop a malicious employer putting you on the banned list with no trial, no hearing, no reason?


My firm has just sent a colleague a written warning for taking 7 days off with swine flu!

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As I understand it, the Vetting and Barring Service will NOT replace CRB checks.


However if you are not registered, you will not be able to even apply to work or volunteer for a position which requires it. It would be illegal for any organisation to allow you to work in such a position without a valid registration irrespective of the contents of a CRB check.


Registration is a one off thing though (with up to date CRB checks made as required.)

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Guest lightnix

On the other hand, with today's news that over 1500 people in the last year, have either...


a) Been incorrectly labelled as criminals

b) Been incorrectly given a clean record


...by those sacred guardians of public safety, The Criminal Records Bureau - can any of us reasonably have faith in this so-called "system"? :unsure:



I mean... how will you feel when your "routine" CRB check comes back saying that you're a convicted rapist :)



See also... (from last year).

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