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Chamsys PC and dual screens


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I am slowly getting my head around Chamsys MagicQ and liking it more and more. I have built a dedicated Shuttle PC to run it and managed to find a B Grade 15" touchscreen for £170 - result!

All working fine and I have borrowed a PC wing from Enlightened and all is well - it really is superb once you have the hardware. Now, it was always my intention to run it with two screens. I have borrowed another LCD from my son. I have a Matrox G400 ( yeah I know its old but its still one of the best 2D cards ever) and I can get Windows apps to move to the secondary screen so I know that my PC setup is okay, but I cannot get my MagicQ windows or pallettes over there. I think I have checked all the relevent boxes in setup.

Probably a PEBCAK problem, but I feel its time to ask...how do I do this?

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I've never used my wing with more than one touchscreen, so I can't help too much - but what I can tell you is that I think you should be looking at the MagicQ Multi-Windows application that installs with the rest of the software ...


Matt from Chamsys is a BR inhabitant - with any luck he'll see this topic and let you know the answer!

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It must be a lucky day for I have seen it!


To use more than one monitor, go into SETUP, VIEW SYSTEM and VIEW REMOTE. Here you can setup up to four monitors to move windows onto. If you hit RELOAD MULTI W up in the top right side of the soft buttons, then it should automatically fill in the position data based on how you have your monitors setup in the display properies in Windows. To move a window between screens, use EXT up the top.


Because you're running it on a PC, you shouldn't need to set up any additional settings to use a touch monitor as a second screen, this should be dealt with by installing and configuring the drivers.


Any problems, please do let me know!



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