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Cabling spaghetti and no volume | Nexo PS10


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I've got a second hand box of bits at a good price but have some trouble understanding the configuration


Trouble is I'm getting almost no volume at all and not really sure whether I'm not plugging things in right or the maybe the amp is faulty


I've got an A & H PA12 desk - No problem there - Going into my PS10 TD Controller - OK here too although there's a stereo mono issue to sort out -


TD sense to output stage seems wired for mono only



Goes to Amp



Which in turn just goes to one single conn



Surely theyshouldn't be "joined together" from the Output?



there also seems something odd going on with the A B inputs too - Seems they are "jumpered" together as well



So I'm kinda stuck with the single output thing too - Does this just run in and out of the sub then one cab then the next in sort of series?


Really appreciate some advice before I blow something up


By the way the amp is currently in stereo mode, has also the option of bridge or parallel

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speculating here, but looking at the pics I'd guess they're using both pairs on the 4pole speakon with 4 core cable and the sub wired on 1 pair, the top on the other, hence the "B" and "T" scribbled on the banana plugs. The amp is being used with one channel for top and one for sub, rater than left and right....


I would imagine the only way you're going to get an absolutely definitive answer is to take it all apart and rewire it yourself in a way that you understand.

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from looking at the picture 2 3 and 4 it looks like maybe its going to a 4 pole speakon and you will prob find the original speaker sockets were designed to take a fed from say sub pins 1 and 2 and the tops pins 3 and 4 so that one cable can be ran around the rig daisy chaining and the subs will always be patched on the same side and the tops will always be the same

I hope that makes sense


it is a simple method if you set it up but very complicated if you don't I would be tempted if I was you to start again as advise

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the comments and help


I've got some noise out of it now by using the right cabling (4 pin - you were right) and daisy chaining the sub and PS10's


I wondering whether I should keep the amp just for the sub and pop in something else for the Cabs to get stereo out


It's just an acoustic band so mono is not the end of the world but I'd prefer the option


Any recommendations whether I should use the Crown drive the cabs and buy an amp for the sub - or vica versa


Any amp recommendations would be much appreciated - is there maybe one decent using that would drive 1 x Stereo and 1 x Sub?

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Personally, I'd purchase a 2nd amplifier and run system in stereo,


I would also rewire the whole system in a manner that you understand.


Even if everything is working right now it still looks like crap with tape everywhere and crazy adapters.

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95% of the time, unless you are using reverb, mono is just fine. The only reason I run stereo is that for those audience members who can hear both speakers about equally, the reverb sounds a lot better when it's stereo (and of course I hopefully am one of those who can hear both speakers - though sometimes I"m not).
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Hi All


Thanks for all the quality advice and comments


I've decided to run a second Amp on the basis, stereo is a nicety and I have a fall back if one goes pop,


The place I bought the desk has just ripped out £150K of kit from a nightclub and I think I have second hand options on some Martin, Crest and others


I'll let you know what my options and pricing is and ask for some comments regarding which is better for the PS10's versus the sub

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