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Gobo holders on offer


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I have the following which I don't need. I would be more than happy to give them to a group, venue or individual who could make use of them.


If you are interested or know a group or person who would be please let me know!




Gobo Holders:

4x DHA GH18 for Berkley Mini Ellipse

2x DHA GH16 for Berkley Ellipsoid

4x DHA GH04 for Strand Cantata / Harmony

4x Unknown 'sandwich' type holder. One labelled 'Mini Ellipse' (105mm wide x 142mm high)

4x Unknown 'sandwich' type holder (101mm wide x 125mm high)


Photo (click to enlarge)




Also have a glass lens 150mm in diameter. Maybe 20-25mm in height at it's highest. Don't know anything else about it. May well have come out of one of the lamps the Gobo Holders are for...

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The GH04 holders are available again as Tom no longer needs them. Any takers?


Mods: I can't edit the opening post - any ideas?


If there going free I'll have them... always looking for gobo holders around college <_<


If the rest are going I'll take them too!


PM me for details.



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