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Install hire or purchase ?


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Planning new install for one of my gigs , had current install on contract hire for + - 5 years.


Considering purchase options , or part purchase , ( by venue , not by me personally ) either desk and FOH control or speakers and amps.


Any opinions ?


Multi purpose nightclub , DJ events , Live bands ( up to 4 a night ) Cabaret , comedy.


Two stacks a side , mid/hi to be flown , subs under stage ,plus 4 monitor wedges , plus 4 to 6 infills / peripherals , amps and speaker management.


two desks both 6 aux , one 24-4-2 for live bands , one 20 - 2 for playback of multiple stereo sources.


graphics gates comps etc.




Also hire / install companys within M25 with 24 hour warehouse support please see my wanted ad.

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With no details of the venue or budget it's not possible to recommend one type of speaker or another, I assume the question is more to do with the hire / buy option.


I would think that if you buy the right speakers, amps, speaker management system, they will be something that that will last and do a good job for many years to come.


Desks, of course will also last years, but if you're hiring those, you have the option to change things around to meet riders & changing requirements over time. I've done some work in a venue where the desk & outboard were swapped in and out all the time, but as the speakers were good, they were used for everything. You may well find in a few years that virtually all bands specs ask for a digital desk. Or that you stop doing bands and run mainly comedy & Dj events.


My 2p



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I agree that the racks and stacks may be the better purchase option (if of course either set is a good purchase option). The ability to hire different desks as per request is useful. You could maybe buy a smaller desk for your playback and comedy and things, and hire a suitable desk depending on what acts you have on.


One thing that is important. Multicore. Work out the maximum number of channels you could ever possibly need no matter what, add 16 more, add a bunch of cat 5 lines, and THEN you have your multi. That should be suitable for most things.

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Mark you assume correctly , I was not asking for equipment recommendations , but opinions on which end of the wire it was sensible to purchase , should we decide to go down that route.


Rob , our desk and control gear is in a booth at the side of the stage , and due to time constraints we don't tend to swap it out. We do however host guest desks coming in , at traditional FOH position in the room , so multicore options may be something I will look at.


I would not like to think that we would stop doing bands , as I think I would go mad , with just a stand up mic , or a dj stereo pair. Personally I think the live music scene is a lot healthier now than it was ten years ago.



Must confess this post was also a bit of a 'bump' to try and draw a bit more traffic to my wanted ad .

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