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express cue copying


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hi guys,


quick question which I need a answer to as soon as people can.


just about to start a plotting session on a etc express which I know reasonably well. only thing is the ld has asked me if copying a cue without going into it live on stage is possible. I was dumbfounded. help.


I know I can copy macro's and so forth but I've tried in blind and stage mode. I can't get it in any of the more 'soft keys' options


help please help



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Hi Pat


Grahame is correct in his method described above. There is no way to photocopy one state to another. The express does not have "copfyfrom" function. Best way to do is as described.


talk to ya





The method above should take in the time. Never have had other information in the cue line while inputting the command. Seems strange though.



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