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Rigging points in Earls Court


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Hi All,


Does anyone know if Earls Court have a Cherry picker that you can hire by the hour direct from the venue rather than hiring one from an outside company?




Hi Ben,

I am one of the organisers for a large show at EC each year. We have to use their riggers - Unusual. They have a couple of cherry pickers onsite. As far as our show goes they must do the work even though we have suitably trained staff/insurance/risk assesments/method statements to operate them. I would speak to your EC event co-ordinator for further details.


Link to Unusual





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If you speak to Unusual Rigging at Earl's Court, they will hire you a cherry picker,either with a driver or if you have a certified operator, without. The only thing you can't do is rig your own points, only Unusual Rigging can rig from the building structure. If it is just for focusing purposes or rigging from your own structure, then that is fine. Hope this is of some help.
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