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Hey Up Everyone,


Ive got an EAW KF940 with blown drivers and have tried emailing EAW a few times but have had no response!


Ive been told theyre in a right old spot of bother financially and with their suppliers...


does this mean I wont be able to get any replacements?


Does anyone know anything?



Alex Gigalite

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Hi Alex,


You may want to try Mick at Audio-workshop he should be able to help as he was the service manager when we were all part of the Mackie group. He is now an independant service centre for them so would be worth trying him.


I dont know whats happeneing at EAW I will try and get hold of a couple of people I know there and see if they can point you in the right direction as well, but Mick is worth a try.




I hope this helps



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