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Insurance for personal equipment.

Dj Dunc

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Hi all.


Just about to buy a Macbook Pro, which will be out and about with me quite a lot for doing work on the train / on site etc. It will be going down to london with me over the summer for NYT ideally.


I will also be taking my Protools MBox 2 and external hard drive etc with me where I go. Total value would be around £2k


Who are the best people to offer this kind of insurance? I was told by one of my lecturers that the MU runs a £2k cover for equipment, but Im not sure if I classify as a "musician" in these circumstances.


Ive looked on musicguard.com and a few others, but im none the wiser.


Many thanks



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I've got a music guard policy - in fact, had it for quite a while and the nice bit is that you can insure for a percentage of your total kit value, so when you go out with just a few bits, they're covered, as long as the right percentage is still back at base! Much more affordable, as your rarely take everything you own out with you.
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