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Axiom "Pearls of Wisdom"


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Which version of the desk are you looking to get?


I've used the 48/96 version before, to control some colour scrollers and Mac 250's. It did the job OK, but it's probably got the most tedious way of programming moving lights I've ever seen in my life. Basically LSC who made the desk went bust before they could finish it, and also ran out of processing power in the board, so the 3 dials along the bottom of the desk are basically there for cosmetic appearances only! Also, several other features on the desk are blocked out, for whatever reason.


If you want some more help with the desk mate, PM me and I'll see what I can do. I've also got a PDF copy of the manual I can send to you if you'd like.


Hope this helps,



PS. Doh! Didn't see the bit about 36/72! Still, this might help!

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As the UK distributor for LSC, if you need any assistance on the Axiom please let me know, but bear in mind that this desk was discontinued many years ago and therefore although we do have some spare parts, support is getting more difficult.


The desk Stu was talking about with the extra 3 wheels was a very last version of the Axiom, the normal one has only one wheel and doesn't support moving light control, but it's a good desk and easy to use.


If you need any more help let me know


Andy Stone


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