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Advice on Materials


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Hi Guys


I am putting together some set designs for some college TV shows and I am after some ideas on potential materials.


I am looking to make some plastic cubes, like Chromacubes, and I will be sticking colour change parkans in them. Can anyone suggest any materials to make them.

I have to comply with safety regulations of the theatre so most plastics are out as they are big fire risks, smoke wise.


Im also looking to make some light panels which are to be attached to a scaffold pole frame. Again like something from the chroma range but bigger, looking at sizes of around 6' by 6'.


Any advice?





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The Chromacube lookalikes could be created using a wire frame for the shape of the cube, and then covering this with a heavy diffusion gel (something like L400), attached with scroller tape if necessary. Since gel is designed to placed in direct contact with metal placed in much closer proximity to parcans, there should be no problem.


The giant Chromapanel lookalikes could be created similarly, although AFAIK gel is not available in anything larger than 1.2m wide, so you may not be able to achieve the full 6' x 6' without joins.

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Hi Aaron,


yes, L400 is a Lee gel, it's called "Leelux", and it's one I've used before to create large panels of flat illumination. Rosco (try E-color 481, not as opaque as the Lee, though) and GAM (try 10-80) will have similar materials, although Lee tends to be cheaper (per unit area) in the UK.


I've never tried this technique with cameras before, so I can't guarantee how "flat" they will perceive the illumination to be, but to the human eye it certainly looked very flat (flatter, actually, than Pulsar's Chromapanels and Chromacubes are!)


Good luck, and post us some vidcaps afterwards? Cheers!



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Hi Tom


I have made some small light boxes before and they seemed ok on camera although the surface area of the gel was tiny compared to these.


I will give that a go. Can you reccomend anywhere good to order the gel by the roll.


Thanks for all the help ;)




ps here are some pictures of the last boxes I made, what do ya think?








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