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Smoke and burning smell from Sil30 shutters.


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The original sil was rather quirky- only two of the shutters were removable, top & bottom if I remember correctly. The main reason was that the securing threads formed a rectangle rather than a square. I believe there was some logic involved in the design intent, to do with very acute angles of the blades for prosc cutoff.


The turbo-sil shutter pack was four planes rather than two and all the blades were removable, intentionally so, as removal and reinsertion the other way round increased the range of angles available.


The downside was that the handle was canted which took some getting used to after the normal expectation of the edge being at right angles to the blade.


As for lubricating, the best advice probably remains to not do it. If you really feel a compelling need to do so, lard gives an interesting aroma I imagine..... ;)

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