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Hello folks,


Wondered if anyone fancied helping me out with something. I know there is plenty of venue info available, but this is something a bit more specific.


We are currently looking at staffing levels in our venue, on the technical and house management side.


If anyone has the time / inclination could you PM or email direct (so as not to clog up the general forum - unless anyone else is interested...) with details on staffing - i.e. technical crew numbers - full time / casual; front of house staff numbers - full time / casual; also the venue capacity / type of space.


Obviously if you want to keep the venue name confidential thats understood, but if anyone provides names / locations it would be useful for us to draw comparisons!


Just to get the ball rolling... our venue - Derby Assembly Rooms & Guildhall Theatre has... TECHNICAL TEAM: Tech Mgr; Asst Tech Mgr; 4 full time techs (1 post vacant at mo though !!!); around 12 casual staff members for general assist/spot op etc. HOUSE TEAM: House Mgr; 3 duty mgrs; around 12 part time door / cloaks / stg door staff; 26 voluntary stewards. CAPACITY: 1800 Great Hall - multi purpose; 310 Darwin Suite - multi purpose; 240 Guildhall - small theatre.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help, Bob <_<

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