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Martin Magnum Hazer


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Hi All


Got a Martin Magnum hazer come back to me from one of our venues which appears to have a little bit of a fault and im stuck for ideas now, so I have come to pick your brains!


On local control it works fine, not a problem, output is good and all functions work as expected. However, connect a DMX lead and the fun stops! Local control stops working (as expected) and you get 'some' control from a desk. Checked the usual idiot checks, addressing is correct etc, lead direct from desk to device, phase inverters, terminated correctly (and tried without) and have ruled out any problems with the DMX infrastructure side of things (everything else in the system works fine). Also checked softpatch and all those catches but all good there, even tried running it on DMX channel 1, same result!


The symptoms are:

Fan control works fine, proportional and as expected.

Haze output is the problem, at full (255) I get a burst of full output (prime) for approx 10 seconds which then stops, presumably to prevent damage to the system, for about 30 seconds then another 10 seconds of full output. I believe the unit functions the same way if you turn the local control to full (prime) in terms of the burst then stop situation.

Any level between 0 and about 230 gets no output at all, which (if the local control is anything to go by) should be proportional output between 0 and 100%.


So I think I can rule out any DMX channel issues as there is output at 255 and the fan channel works, DMX cabling etc is ok as everything else functions and have tried it in different situations and same problem, hazer physically is fine because works on local control.


So my question is, is there something stupid I have missed? If not what is the likely cause, a fault with the DMX circuitry inside the unit?





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I assume you've tried the manual?




1 Possibility. (on re-reading though it would appear you have considered this - sorry)


Channel 1

Fog output level

0 - 19 zero output (dead-band)

20 - 220 proportional output level control

Implemented in 20 discrete steps

220 - 230 Prime function



Channel 2

Fan speed setting

0 - 19 Fan off

20 - 220 proportional speed control

Implemented in 20 discrete steps

220 - 230 Auto fan mode

245 - 255 Fan off, Fog off, Heater off

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Make sure you never put the fan channel to full as it turns the whole unit off. Took me a while to figure this one out (until I read the manual!). Then it obviously bursts for a bit until the heater cools down then you turn the channels to zero whilst you figure out what is wrong, put them back to full and it works again for a bit...then the cycle repeats...so yeh, try it with both channels at 50% and and then move the fog (ch1) proportionally and see what happens.
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Just a quick question on the subject of DMX control for the Magnum,


I'm currently working at a school which has just purchased a Magnum, and they are looking to run it from a FatFrog desk. Any ideas which fixture profile to use, because I can't seem to find a specific magnum profile. There's a 24/7 profile, but I'm not 100% sure if that would work.




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If you use the Fixture Tools editor off the Zero88 website it should be a pretty easy task - I've built custom fixtures for our Scrollers before (as they have a fan speed control that I wanted to add) and it only took about 5 mins to figure out the software.


When you get to the Fixture Tools software don't bother naming the DMX ranges - as these are only supported by the newer Frog series. I spent the time to name the ranges to co-incide with the colours in my scrollers only to find they didn't show on our Bullfrog anyway.

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