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New user of Yamaha O1V96VCM needs help with a small problem


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I'm a new user of a Yamaha O1V96VCM mixer and have a bit of a learning curve. There's something in the setup where all mic inputs 1-4 are being thrown to the R channel output even though the output stereo mix has the pans set to their correct positions. All I want is to have the mic on input 1 to go to the L channel stereo output and the mic on I/p 2 to go to the R channel stereo o/p. The pans on mic input are setup I/p 1 (L), and I/p 2 ®.


The pans are set correctly and I can't understand why everything is being sent to the R o/p.


This is such a piddling question I'm embarassed to ask but if anyone knows the answer I'd appreciate it.


Thank you,


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I can think of a few things to check, but before I speculate wildly, can you confirm a couple of things?


Are channels 1-4 going to the R main output only or are they going equally to R and L?


Second, are channels 2 and 4 being routed properly (i.e. in the R output only) or are these ones in the L output as well?



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