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Nick LX

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Can't seem to find anywhere that does this or similiar:




Does http://www.onevisitmedia.com/patchpanelcombotrsxlr.html do what you're after?


Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question :P


Canford sell all manor of punched rack panels and every connector type you could ever want so it's easy to make up your own. Studiospares also do, but with a less broad range. Maybe you could be more specific about what you're looking for?

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canford, cpc, thomann, digital village, dolphin music, terralec, blue aran, and studiospares do all the parts you could ever need to do exactly this. If you don't have the skills to do this yourself then give VDC a call who will happily make it all up to your spec. M
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As I mentioned on another topic, home build will take time but save cash. I can build it for you for price of components, postage and time.


Send me links to components and I can post it to you VAT free in £18 sections. (I'm based outside of the U,K, so VAT does not apply below £18) I'll reply with a quote.


All you'll need to do is bolt it together at your end.


I'm not working at the moment after a speaker lifting related repetitive strain injury (fooked back) so I have time to do stuff like this. Cash is a bonus, I have too much booze from favours done so far.

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