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C747´s & electrical noises


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Anyone have any tricks to reduce the general noises and hums (eg mobile phones) the akg c747´s pickup?


I have been toying with the idea of shortening the cable between the capsule and the phantom power adaptor.... reducing antenna size basically..



any input?

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yeah had a read but theres no real solid info....


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On 2nd thoughts......


The solution might be mini-XLRs!


add a male & female to the mic and phantom power adaptor... and normal, thin mic cable can be used to make up a set of extensions to obvious lengths...

ie lect etc..

and those nice days where the mic is well hidden. no extension will be needed so only 10cm of cable between mic and adaptor will be used!


off to ponder this...

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If I've understood you correctly, you can't magically solve the problem by just using balanced cable and connectors between the mic and the preamp. You need to balance the signal first.


I'd suggest shortening the existing cable would have the biggest effort:effect ratio. Still not enough of an improvement? Look for alternative designs with better RF screening - even then I think you'll need to shorten the link cable!

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sorry yeah my "idea" of using mini-XLRs was for the link cable..........


Its very clear that the phantom power adaptor/XLR connector needs to be as close to the mic as possible (in terms of cable length)


plus getting other mics is great... when you have the cash and the 2 747's you have are (appart from the rf noises) doing you more than well enough..

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