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Sennheiser SKM 4031


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Hi there ,


Just a quick little post..


Iv just aquired a Sennheiser SKM 4031.. wireless Mic.

Can anyone tell me what applications they are most suited for ?


Iv searched on internet and only found a couple of mentions of it and its quite an old mic but it seems to work fine..


Only thing Iv noticed is , it sounds much better if used about 2 inches away from the mouth... not upclose like sm58`s etc...


Was this mic intended for vocal / singing or more tv , presenting style ????


if anyoe had/has one please let me know



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They were rather nice, and quite a flagship model at the time. Mic technique for TV use often was less in your face than popular nowadays, as the close-in bass heavy sound wasn't wanted - especially for TV. Somewhere I have a similar british ancient radio mic with a Shure 58 capsule, and this too sounds very odd close in, working best a few inches away. If it works, I'd just make sure whoever uses it is aware that swallowing the mic will make them sound very grim.
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