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NYT... Anyone else get in??


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Just got my letter today as I came back from holiday (big thanks to Tim, working on lighting in the bigtop at Spring Harvest skegness for letting me sit and watch him at work) and found a letter saying I've been offered a place for NYT :** laughs out loud **:


Well chuffed :D


So did anyone else from the forums manage to get a place? If so, congratulations! If not, then unlucky, theres always next year eh? :P


Cheers, James

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Congratulations mate. I joined the ranks in 2007, and Ill be coming down for the whole season probably this year, so I will probably see you there. There are a good handful of existing NYT members in here, especially from the 06-08 seasons.


You will have great fun and now the beasley (Mark Beasley, Head of Tech) is now back in the ranks, its guaranteed to be a great time, as long as you supply lots of tea and coffee and work your nuts off, and NEVER be late, or fear the wrath of everyone else.


Hope to see you there



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