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Lighting Bar Heights


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What do people consider to be the ideal height for a permanently fixed lighting bar in a school ?


3.845 metres....




Its a similar question to asking how long is a bit of string! Work out the size of the space, work out the angles you wish to light from in elevation, and work out what will give you the right angles you're likely to want. Also depends how far away from the stage in the xz plane (y = up) the lighting bar will be. More distance from the stage will require a higher bar to get the same angle.



Also - should this be moved to the Next Gen. forum?

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Moderation: I'm afraid that the mods have had a think and we're in agreement that there isn't any such thing as a height that can be simply plucked out of the air. So many variables have to be taken into account. We can't see this topic heading anywhere than into condusion, so we've closed it. If anyone feels strongly we got this wrong, send us a PM - but as most members have said so far, it's a "how long is a piece of string" question.



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