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Programming Q Commander


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Is anyone familiar with programming Q Commander? I have done work with Pulsars Masterpiece and I am now trying to get to grips with the Q Commander. Does anyone know if the following 'theory' of mine will work?


The fixture will be a scanner, Martin MX-4'.

I would prgramme...

Scene 001 with PAN at 100%.

Scene 002 with TILT at 100%

Scene 003 with SHUTTER open, DIMMER at 100% and COLOUR at RED

Scene 004 with SHUTTER open, DIMMER at 100% and COLOUR at BLUE

At this point, if I was to put a single scene into a chase, would it run from '0' to the value of the scene and back again if set to 'LOOP'? Or would I have to save a scene with no values in at all and add both scenes to the chase? (If so, I understand that I will have to add the 'blank' scenes to chase 001 and 002 below.)

Chase 001 with SCENE 001 (LOOP) Should create a continuous pan sweep, up down up down up down up down.

Chase 002 with SCENE 002 (LOOP) Should create a continuous tilt sweep, left right left right left right left right.

Chase 003 with SCENE 003 and SCENE 004 (LOOP) Should create colour chase, red bue red blue red bue red blue.


I will then save the following...


KEY TOUCHBUTTON 1 = CHASE 001 and CHASE 002 and CHASE 003. Should create an up, down, left, right, red and blue chase.


Does this sound right to anyone??





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Hi im not quite sure what your trying to do.


send me a PM with the details of the effect your trying to create and ill tell you the best way to program it.


a chase has to consist of more than one step. A chase with one step is a scene :P


+ if you loop one step at value 255 all you will get the chase going to that value and looping that value so nothing would happen, you need to tell the board to go up and down from that value.


you cant program a step with values at 0, as the board will give you Error, no channel data to record.


send me a PM and ill exsplain best I can.



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