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I'm not sure if this should be in the student category, but here goes...


A friend of mine is interested in the BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course at Central. Does anyone have any experience of this course, the interview process or any similar courses on offer anywhere else??





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I'm doing the BA in Theatre Practice at CSSD, so I know a bit about the Drama Ed course. There's some strange rift between the two courses - something to do with a cynical view that 'Drama Eds are failed actors'.


I'm friends with a girl who graduated from Drama Ed in 2000. She's now teaching drama in a college, so the job prospects from the course seem to be good. I don't know about the interview process, but I could probably find out if you'd like. I think I'm seeing the girl in question next weekend so I could ask her. I believe the course is pretty much intended for people who want to teach drama after they've graduated.


About Central: I'm loving it as a drama school; it's got a great atmosphere, good facilities and very competent staff.


Hope this helps, and I'll try and find out some more info for you if you'd like.



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Guest lightnix
...something to do with a cynical view that 'Drama Eds are failed actors'.

Well, you know what they say...


"Those who can't do, teach." :blink:

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