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Hire Companies - North East


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Hi Guys

Does anyone know of any good (in terms of price) hire companies in the North East of England around Newcastle?

Preferably looking for:

  • Led Pars
  • Small (150 - 250w) Scanners
  • Martin Mac 250 Washs or similar Wash Lights
  • Small Moving Lights Desks (e.g. Z88 Jester ML or Z88 Diablo)
  • T Bar Stands
  • Standard Par 56/64's

Thanks a lot


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Plenty in Leeds if it's not too far south. Zigzag are good though their kit might be a bit on the big side for what you're looking at. Futurist might be a good place to look too, though I've only really dealt with Zigzag personally.


Sure the North Eastern boys will come along and suggest some far more local people.

For the stuff you're after, you may find an individual who has the kit, rather than a hire company. I know of at least one guy around Leeds who has all the kit you're after apart from the mac 250's.

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The above is pretty much it around the North East. Personally, I tend to use Hi-Lights as they're better at short notice, though SE have a larger range that can be shipped from the South. Vortex is very Moving lights orientated but has a nice modern stock of a few other useful things too..
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There is always us here at SNAP TO BLACK.

Hire is a bit of a secret but if the kit is available I am sure we can come to an arrangement.

We hold LX, Audio, video, trussing, staging


Give us a call, or drop me an email and we can talk about dates and a deal, we are based in Newcastle and would be happy to help you




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