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jack lead from keyboard to D.I box; Balanced or unbalanced?


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Hi All,


I really should know the answer to this but can I just check with you all, when wiring a keyboard into an active DI box, should I use 2x balanced (stereo) or 2x unbalanced (mono) jack leads? The only reason I ask is because some keyboards I have come across have line outs with an L+R and R on them which makes me think its expecting a balanced jack in the L+R socket and an unbalanced in the R socket?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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hardly any keyboards have balanced outputs - use a two circuit jack (tip and sleeve) and all will be well. A stereo keyboard uses two unbalanced outputs. The confusion arises from thinking that balanced=stereo. A 3 circuit jack with a ring, is usually mono, balanced. Headphones are stereo, unbalanced - and this kind of connection is pretty rare on keyboards.


The L and L/L+R connection is just arranged with switching contacts, so if the keyboard detects you only have one cable in, it sums the L+R channels, if you stick in two jacks, then you get the left and right split needed. Nothing to do at all with balanced.

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L+R labelling on a socket is ambiguous as could imply as the OP asks, do L+R come out of one socket, separately?


A clearer and more accurate way of labelling used by some manufacturers is L/mono and R.



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