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3 Speaker Parallel


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Hi all - hope you can help...


I have 6 JBL Control 25 speakers to use as front fill in a theatre. I would like to know if it's possible to run 3 from each channel of a Crest CPX2600 amplifier we already have spare. If not would running just 2 per channel be fine with the power of the amp?




Speakers are 8 ohm, rated at 150W continuous power capacity

Amp output is stated as 500W/channel at 8 ohm, 750W/channel at 4 ohm


Q1... With 3 speakers in parallel per channel it would give 2.7 ohm at the amp. Is this safe to run?


Q2... What about the power output of the amp, is that too high for the speakers or about right? I don't know how it calculates for the speakers - do I just add 3 x 150W together to get 450W total per channel or is it more complicated?


Cheers, Stuart

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In short, it'll be fine.


Slightly longer version, it'll be absolutely fine.



We're not talking massive amounts of volume here, we're not talking about reproducing <50Hz signals at huge levels, the amp has a 2ohm rating, so a load higher than this is ok. Just remember to be careful how hard you drive the amp and ensure that all the cooling apparatus on the amp and in the rack is functioning correctly. Though, of course, you'd check that anyway.


Many 2x18 subs are wired with each driver separate. This allows you to wire up 3 drivers in a left right combination per amplifier. It's less amps, but without being too hard on them.

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