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Looking for technical repair company in South


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Im looking for a technical repair/ upgrade electronics company in Southern UK.

Im a prefered UK dealer for Sound kit that was used at the Bejing olympics, and now have some imported chinese power amps and digital controllers, that need some repairs and upgrades, but my local guy can only fix stuff thats burn out and obviously gone wrong, as opposed just needing some software upgrades.

It would be possible to re-export/ send back to china, as its all new and under waurenty, but would cost me £50+ per box in slow shipping, but if anything else needs doing later, then Im back to square one again.

Any one else got anything unique and had similar needs, and now know a good repair shop.

Ta, Roger B

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Surely upgrading the software is a pretty easy task compared with repairing the things, I would have expected your local guy to find the software upgrading a doddle and the actual repairs harder ?
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Im a prefered UK dealer for Sound kit that was used at the Bejing olympics.


Define preferred.......


Sorry, but if you can't do basic technical support as a preferred UK dealer then......


I'll let you finish that sentence. :D


Do you tell your customers when they buy the kit, that if their shiny new product fails then they'll have to........what exactly? throw it in the bin? Send it by boat back to China, and await it's return months later?


Sorry, but you should have sorted that out when you did the deal with the manufacturer.


What response have you had back from the manufacturers on the availability of spares etc. Do you keep spares in stock, can you supply replacement boards if your new UK technical repair company identifies a dead board that can't be repaired?


Unless you carry stock of all the spares required, then even the best repair company in the country won't be able to help you.

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I do have someone who does basic repairs for me (Session music in Guildford), Nothings gone wrong yet, but when I address a particular speaker within a line array, I want to save the settings with English words, not Chineese numbers, so a bit of dos tweaking would be good.

Im well aware that buying in copy goods from the far east is not without its support problems, thats why I am looking to pay for possible repair work on behalf of customers who would expect a blown tweeter or overheatead power amp to be exchanged/ fixed for free within the first year, and would expect me to have reccomended support in place for after sales. The PMs ive recieved have been usefull, thanks guys

I do carry my own demo/ backup stock, in Bonza barn in Surrey, that goes out to cover whilst new stock is in shipping.

Ta Rog

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